How to Send Money to Australia

Transfer Money Abroad looks at the best way to send money to an Australian bank account.

There are many people in the UK looking to send money back to families, friends and businesses in Australia. There’s a wealth of money transfer companies out there who will cater for money transfers to Australia but it can be hard to find a good value service for smaller payments to Australian bank accounts.

Send Money to Australia

Payments to the Australia can now be done cheaply and securely from the United Kingdom. No longer do you need to pay large transfer fees to send your money via agents or international wire transfers via SWIFT. It is now possible to transfer as little as £25 to a Australian bank account for just £4.75 per transfer. GlobalWebPay offer a highly competitive and transparent online service for cheaper money transfers to Australia. You can send money to Australia next day from the UK and pay into a AUD (Australian Dollar) bank account. Not only are the transfer fees low, but the exchange rates are extremely competitive for smaller amounts as shown on money transfer comparison websites.

You can pay money cheaply from any UK bank account to an Australian bank account for much less than you might think. A payment for anything from £25 to £10,000 will cost you just £4.75 per transfer, in addition to great exchange rates. Your payment will even arrive next day to the Australia once it has been funded by either bank transfer or UK debit card.

With GlobalWebPay you can set up an online money transfer in minutes and make payments by UK debit card or bank transfer. You also won’t get charged any additional fees for having an account and your recipient will never pay any fees.

GlobalWebPay provide information on the banking details required in order to set up an international money transfer to Australia from the UK here:

Cheapest way to send money to Australia – our guide

To set up a payment to an AUD bank account you will need to know the bank name, Australian Bank Account Number – which is 5 to 9 digits long for Australia – and the BSB (branch number): the first six numbers that appear before your account number.

Make a payment to the Australia with and you can save yourself time and money.

Find out more about transferring money with GlobalWebPay (send money to Australia) and setting up an account online at their website and discover a cheaper way to transfer money to Australia from the UK.


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